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Theseus - Return of the Hero

Developer Sigma Team

Theseus - Return of the Hero is the logical sequel to Alien Shooter.Despite all the human efforts to ...

Guitar Hero III

Developer Aspyr

Guitar Hero 3 is an awesome party game that was released for most platforms. If you buy the game guitar bundle, you will get a ...

Hero Editor

Developer Laddehall

Hero Editor is used for editing Diablo II LOD and NOX. How to Use Hero Editor: 1) From Options Tab, make ...

Puzzle Hero

Developer Genimo Interactive LLC

As a stealth hero, you must free your brother from Zalock and his evil Army of Vegetables, ahem, Darkness! Duel ...

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Developer Aspyr

Guitar Hero is heading for a tribute to the greatest rock bands, and what better way to start the spin-offs than with ...

Guitar Hero Three Control Panel

Developer MaXKilleR

Guitar Hero Three Control Panel allows you to manage Guitar Hero 3 data. The software is updated regularly and it's available as a free ...

Last Action Hero

Developer SEGAbandonware.com

Last Action Hero for the NES, Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy and Sega Game Gear is one of a handful of ...

Sky Hero Adventure

Developer MyRealGames.com

Sky Hero Adventure is a superb arcade game you cannot miss to play. Completely free, this Pacman-like game is the perfect choice to ...

Guitar Hero Explorer

Developer OnReally

Guitar Hero Explorer Is a program that can put custom songs on Guitar Hero l or Guitar Hero ll. The program has a simple ...

EKS MESH: Hero's Hearts

Developer everett kaser

MESH:Hero's Hearts is a puzzle game, no quick reflexes are needed (or useful), only quick thinking. It's your challenge to move the Hero ...

EKS MESH: Falling Hero

Developer KaSeR

MESH:Falling Hero is the third game in the MESH:Hero series. This time, all of the "old objects" have been thrown out (except for a ...

EKS MESH: Hero Defiant

Developer Everett Kaser Software

MESH:Hero Defiant is a sequel, or companion product, to MESH:Hero's Hearts with many new objects and over 100 all new levels). New ...

EZ Hero

Developer Alex's Freedom Fortress

Have you found a great new mesh that would be just perfect for that hero file it took you 3 hours to get ...

Hero Designer

Developer Hero Games / CompNet

HERO DESIGNER Sixth Edition is more powerful and useful than ever to make it even easier for you to create any HERO System ...

Mids' Hero Designer

Developer Matt Bauer

Plan your hero or villain's build, and see the effects of your powers, slotting and enhancements as you build! Tweak your builds ...

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